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Lateral step with stabilization

During the school year we run an afternoon Youth Fitness Training program. This is a non-specialized program meaning it’s not geared towards any one particular sport.

Athletes that participate will learn proper warm-ups and mobility drills. They learn proper posture and stabilization. They learn 3 dimensional movement and are able to control their bodies in all planes before they begin to handle any type of load.

Even once they learn many of the basics described above they still won’t move on to external load. They’ll start with a number of variations of bodyweight squats, push ups, chin ups and get ups. At the end of the training session they’ll do these as a circuit or relay and compete against each other.

Last week these got a special treat however.

Montreal Canadiens Josh Gorges with Gio, Keatin, Isaac, Alex & Matt










Josh Gorges from the Montreal Canadiens stopped by. And the guys were pretty excited about this. Not only to meet an NHL player but one from their home town playing for the most successful franchise in hockey.

Josh grew up Kelowna, played minor hockey here as well as junior for the Kelowna Rockets. He even captained the Rockets to their only Memorial Cup win in 2004. From there he went on play for the San Jose Sharks and now to Montreal with the Habs.

So you can understand the excitement of these young hockey players when one of their own drops by for a visit.

They were so in awe they couldn’t speak to him or ask any questions. Basically we ended telling the guys to show Josh what they had been working on in their training. This allowed them to relax a little bit and demonstrate the skills they had been working on.

And as for Josh he’s just about to get started with his training. Not making the playoffs makes for a long off-season. And Montreal has also gone through a number of management and coaching changes in the past year or so. So it’ll probably be nice to start getting in some training sessions and work on getting ready for next year.

How did last year go for Josh? Well, I think you’d have to say that personally he had a successful year.

Coming off ACL reconstruction surgery this year was also a contract year for Josh. He played in all 82 games for the Habs, led the league in blocked shots, won the Jacques Beauchamp Trophy and signed a new contract with the Habs.

He’ll now spend the off-season in Kelowna getting ready for next year in Montreal. The Canadiens strength & conditioning coach was recently out west to check in with Josh and their number one goalie, Carey Price, who hails from Anahim Lake, BC.

It’s great to see a local guy do well in the NHL. And it’s even better to have him check in with young players trying to get where he’s at. Going un-drafted and having to earn tryouts throughout his career have defined his character and endeared him to teammates everywhere he has played.

Maybe one of the young guys in our after school training program will follow Josh’s footsteps and play in the NHL one day as well.