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Here are a couple more videos demontrating some common deadlifting mistakes.

Both videos have something in common in that they indicate a preference to firing the quads before the glutes and hamstrings.

And this shouldn’t be surprising. Because when most people train their legs they are more likely to squat than deadlift. Or if they don’t use freeweights they are more likely to use the leg press machine than a comparable glute ham machine. And lastly, for those that really like to feel the burn they¬†are more likely to perform seated leg extensions, really holding the top position to squeeze the quads like a garden hose, rather than lay down on a ham curl machine.
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I have talked previously about why I believe deadlifts to be such an important lift to the development of the complete hockey player.

And some are paying attention and incorporating this into their training. Which is great.

The problem however is that many are performing this lift incorrectly. So below I’ve put together a number of videos showing some common mistakes made when performing deadlifs.
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