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Are you familiar with Turkish Get Ups?

Sometimes they are abbreviated as TGU or simply called get ups. I think the name gets shortened for the same reason some people call Bulgarian split squats simply split squats.

Anyways, if you’re not familiar with this exercise during your hockey training you’d be wise to look into it and see what benefits it may offer you.

Because to some this exercise looks really foreign and unlike anything related to the game of hockey.

For example:

* you start on your back

* you are rolling on the ground

* there is no slippery or unstable surface

* there is no powerful release of the training implement

* your focus is straight up at your vertical hand

* it doesn’t involve elements of sprinting, agility or contact with an opponent

I mean how can something that looks nothing like the game of hockey help you become a better hockey player?

Better yet, how can something that doesn’t involve any of the elements of the game of hockey, regardless of whether it looks like hockey, help you improve your game?

Shouldn’t hockey training be about improving your on-ice performance?

Shouldn’t hockey training be about minimizing your potential for injury?

Shouldn’t hockey training be about extending the length of your revenue generating years as much as possible?

Absolutely it should!

And shouldn’t hockey training be very specific to include only the elements that serve a purpose so as to be as efficient and effective as possible?

I think so.

So why are strength and conditioning coaches including Turkish Get Ups in their training programs?

Isn’t this just another example of a coach who gets excited about something new to them and then finds a way to work this into their training program?

I’ll admit that does happen. From time to time we do see coaches that get swayed by certain trends and invest in equipping, educating and training their athletes due to a particular training.

Consider the BOSU.

How many of you are still using the BOSU as a part of your hockey training program?

Let me qualify that first.

How many of you are using the BOSU that:

* don’t have an injury you are currently trying to rehab

* aren’t using the BOSU for upper body exercises

* aren’t using this tool once in a blue moon 

but instead everytime you are going to do a lower body workout are looking for the rubber dome to do your leg training?

Probably not as many as 5 years ago.

And in 5 years there will be even fewer people using this tool than there are today.

Sometimes it take a while for the correct information to get out there.

I get that .

So isn’t doing Turkish Get Ups just another example of an exercise that we’re getting a little too excited about that in a few yeara we’re going to look back and laugh that we used to think so much of it?

I don’t think so.

And in Part II of this post I’ll give 11 Reasons Why the TGU WIll Make You a Better Hockey Player.

In the meantime keep training hard and post your questions hockey training questions below and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.