Chris Collins is the owner of Okanagan Peak Performance, a Kelowna-based strength and conditioning company. Chris has a Master of Science degree and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). As part of the research for his graduate degree Chris had 2 papers published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Often featured as a fitness expert in the media Chris was the host of TV fitness program, currently hosts a weekly radio show and is a contributor to a number of fitness publications including and

With a strong background in functional anatomy Chris is able to dissect movement and determine the root cause of compensations. Alleviating these compensations reduces strain on tissue and leads to a more efficient transfer of energy. The result is a more powerful, explosive hockey player that is more resilient to injury.

Chris works with hockey players up through the professional ranks and has developed key networks with strength and conditioning coaches arond the NHL. The commitment to constant learning and improvement has translated to career years and championship seasons for players under his coaching.

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