Kelowna Chiefs training at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc

It’s getting to that time of year again. Teams that didn’t make playoffs are cleaning out their lockers and starting to make their way home. Even the players who did make it into the playoffs are through one round and possibly set to begin the next.

With all this transition of season’s going on we are noticing the players are starting to show up again. They either stop by in person, call text or email to let us in on where they’re at and to make plans for the summer.

It’s an exciting time for us as well. We feel privileged to be given the task of helping these players become the best they can be.

So how does this all happen?

How do we ensure that what we are doing is working?

What makes

    our approach unique and superior

to many other approaches out there?

Well I think it comes down to a number of things that help our players get better results in less time. Below are the Top 5 Reasons Players Choose Okanagan Peak Performance Inc for their off-season hockey training.

Reason #1 – We invest more in education and training

2013 Okanagan Strength & Conditioning Conference

Our job is to ensure that the athletes we work with get the best results in the least amount of time. And this translates to a resiliency to injury, to better on-ice performance and ultimately more years playing at the highest level.

And while our coaches all bring a special skill set and unique insights in to what will work best we aren’t out to reinvent the wheel. We recognize that the research being done in sports science provides clues as to what works best.

And so we invest in the constant education and training of our coaches. Probably as much or more than other hockey training facility in Western Canada. We put so much emphasis on education and training that we started and host our own international sports science conference in Kelowna every summer. I don’t know of any other sports training companies in Canada doing that.

Reason #2 – Constant critical review

We take time to review every aspect of our off-season training programs to make sure they are as efficient and effective as possible. During the off-season when we are working with a player we make notes as to the difficulty of a particular workout. We track what their heart rate rates reached on particular exercises. We jot down how they feel when coming in for a session.

And then we use all of this feedback to make small tweaks to next season’s program. But it’s not a case of trying something new every off-season. Instead we stick to the basics and simply trim back on the volume here. Or increase the intensity slightly there.

But ultimately the key determinant as to how effective our programming and coaching is how they played during the season. This means checking in with our players during the season.

Reason #3 – Constant checking in

It’s one thing to witness a program in action during the off-season. It’s something entirely different to see how well it translates to on-ice performance. And sure you can always check online to see how the players are doing but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Are they keeping the hard-earned muscle they worked hard to put on during the off-season? How is their groin feeling that they worked hard to rehab? How is their fitness level near the end of games and in OT?

Not to mention do they like their city? Do they have room-mates? How is the food? What are they doing with their time off?

All of these little things matter. And knowing the answer to them will make someone a better coach.

So to find out how our players are doing during the season I go check in with them and watch some games, stay in their homes, and get a sense as to how everything is going.

And while I may not be able to visit every player we work with I make sure to at least check in with all of them by skype, facebook, text or phone. I don’t know of many other of our competitors that travel like we do to check in with our players.

Reason #4 – Use of technology

While we are big proponents of adhering to the basics when it comes to off-season training for hockey we also recognize that there advantages to be had with the use of technology. With this in mind everyone one of our players is set up with a Polar hear rate monitor and a Bioforce HRV unit.

This allows us to have the most accurate picture of how intense the training is (with the heart rate monitor) as well as how well the players recover from one session to the next (with the HRV unit). We are proud to offer both of these devices to our players giving them the ultimate advantage in technological monitoring of their workouts.

Reason #5 – All the little things

I could go about how we arrange for weekly massages for our players. Or how we set them up with one of the best physios in Kelowna to have a pre-training physiotherapy screen before we start training. Or how they have access to a cutting edge skate assessment technique. But this all has to do with hockey and training.

It’s outside of training when we really get to know the guys. So we have them up to our place for steak dinners. We arrange golf afternoons and play little tournaments. We participate in charitable events like Motionball with them. We go for lunch or breakfast after training. We become a family with the players and work for them as though they were.

For us it’s clear that we will do the best job for the hockey players we work with. And while there are others out there that do some good things as well they don’t go to the same extent we do or in as many areas.

That’s the Okanagan Peak Performance Inc difference.


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