Skating is a huge part of the game of hockey. Everyone has heard the stories of players who were gifted in certain aspects of the game or who had all the other requisite tools but didn’t go far or didn’t get drafted.

You know what I mean?

There are players who put up huge numbers in junior but don’t ever make the jump to the NHL. Or players who were big and strong but never got drafted.

But it is much rarer to have a talent who is an incredible skater who doesn’t have success at the next level. Further, many of the top talents in the game today are some of the best skaters in the league.

These are players that seem to glide effortlessly up and down the ice. They are the ones that can pull away from an opponent to win a free puck battle. And they are also the ones who can get back when they join a rush that doesn’t convert.

On the other hand it’s pretty easy to identify the weaker skaters. Usually this ends prior to junior and they get weeded out. How come? Well because as you move up a level in hockey the speed of the game increases and the weaker skaters cannot keep up. Their size, strength, shot and other abilities are not enough to make up for their lack of skating ability.

A couple of younger players that come to mind are Gabriel Landeskog of the Avalanche and Erik Karlsson of the Senators. Obviously there are many more, including the great young talent with the Oilers now, but these two stand out to me.







And so it should be the goal of every young hockey player to become the best skater they can be.

Onside Hockey Training and Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. have a unique opportunity for hockey players that would like to assess their skating and see what they can do to improve it. Recently we met with a company that has developed a technology to assess on-ice skating ability.

Now, while I can’t get into specifics as to how the system works it can tell you a bit about what it could potentially do for you.

With this assessment we will be able to:

* Rank your skating ability relative to others at your level as well as to those playing above you. In other words you will see where you stand and where you need to get to.

* Determine the weak link in your skating and propose solutions to improve this weak link.

* Help you get as far as you can in hockey as your skating improves.

Special Offer For You

If you would like to be eligible to participate in this skating assessment please leave a comment below indicating so and I will follow up with you. There are some conditions to participating which include:

* The assessment will be in Kelowna, BC

* The assessment tool fits anyone with a size 7.5-9 shoe

* The assessment is primarily applicable to skaters and not for goalies

I should also clarify that this assessment is a brand-new, cutting edge technology. It is not a skating treadmill. It is not simply getting on the ice with a few video cameras set up to capture skating movements. Those selected to participate will have a unique opportunity to gain first access to a tool that is going to give those who apply an advantage over the competition.

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  • Greg Mcleod says:

    Very interested to have my son participate in the skating assesment.

    • admin says:

      Hi Greg: I’ll check with Scott, who offers the skating assessment, and see if there are plans to do so again.

      All the best,

      Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

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