Are you a Tim Tebow fan?

Maybe a better question is are you familiar with who this guy is? Because for the people who know who he is there is a pretty clear love-hate relationship for the guy.

What’s with the strong positive or negative emotion surrounding him? Well part of it has to to do with the fact he is so overt with his faith. You see he is known to pray on the sidelines. He finishes interviews with reporters with a  ‘God bless you’.

And the other thing about Tebow is that he doesn’t have a lot of pro experience yet he has had a tremendous amount of success late in games. In fact up until Denver’s game against the Patriots the Broncos were 7-1 with Tebow behind center.

But guess what?

His faith isn’t the reason he is winning. Below are 5 Reasons for Tebow’s Success.

Reason #1 – He is a specimen

Tebow is 6’3″ and 240 lbs. Sure you’ll find a number of quarterbacks over six feet. And there are few of them that have his size. But he is also a strong mobile guy. And he moves well for a big guy. Heck he broke Emmitt Smith’s record for rushing TDs at Florida.

Reason #2 – He is a competitor

When you’re talking about the best of the best in sports they share a few things in common. One trait is that they hate to lose. And Tebow is this way as well. Have you heard the story of him losing an early season game in college? Between tears in a post-game interview he vowed to not lose another game that year. And he didn’t.

Reason #3 -  His beliefs

Hold on! I thought his success wasn’t due to his faith? Well yes. But what I mean is that I don’t believe God favours him over other players and controls the outcome in this way.

But how his faith matters is that perhaps it allows him to have better focus. Maybe his priorities are a little clearer to him? Maybe he has made his faith such an important part of his life that having to orchestrate another 4th quarter comeback doesn’t phase him? It’s possible I guess.

Reason #4 – He is physically tough

Have you watched Tebow play? He doesn’t do the typical feet first slide when he takes off for a scramble. In football the quarterback be hit if he goes to the ground feet first.

There is another story of him breaking his leg during a game in college but continuing to play in that game. And I seem to recall that he ran for 29 yards on one play with that broken leg.

This is unusual when you think of the number of players that will take themselves out of a game due to a tight hamstring or cramp not to mention a broken leg.

Reason #5 – He is a leader

You need your best players to be leaders. And they should play a pivotal position regardless of the sport. Tebow was MVP and a captain during his time in Florida. And while he is still adjusting to the NFL and gaining experience as he goes you can tell there is a growing respect for him in Denver. Probably doesn’t hurt that has had some success early in his career.


So how does this apply to hockey? Well every trait described above would carry over to any sport, especially hockey. I say especially because you need to be physical, a leader, and have your priorities in order to have success at highest levels of hockey.

And just for the record I am a Tebow fan.


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