Hi there: For today’s post I want you to consider something that applies to everything you do in life. It definitely applies to school, finances, careers, relationships and also to performance in hockey. And not only is this one thing so vital to everything you do in life it is one of the most overlooked aspects in our efforts. For some this one thing could be the difference maker between having an average career in hockey and going pro. It could be the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Are you ready to learn what this one thing is that can influence the ultimate success you have in hockey? Alright then read on and I’ll tell you.

The big factor that influences your success is the company you keep. And by that I mean the people closest to you that you interact with on a daily basis. The ones who you spend most of your time time with and whose opinions you respect. Consider the following.

Back in school when there was a group project and you got to select your partner many would seek out the smartest kid in the class and hope to partner with them. This may not have the prettiest girl in class and most likely wasn’t the class clown. It was somebody you knew could get the job done and deliver results.

Or think of the people you know who are financially successful. When they were building their fortunes they were trying to learn, grow and network from others who were an example of their goal. They could have spent their time with their underachieving or unemployed friends but things probably wouldn’t have worked out as well for them in the long run.

When you look at great teams you always hear that the success was the product of great attributes such as leadership and chemistry. And with today’s CBA you have to build through the draft. So more and more you are seeing young guys being given a chance early in their careers due to the economics of the game. And the young guys that are having success when given the chance are the ones that surrounded themselves with the leaders of the team to speed up the learning curve.

While you may not be at the pro level yet you can still benefit from the wisdom of other successful individuals. Ask yourself a few questions about who are the five people closest to you. The ones that you see and or speak to everyday. This may be your family or some really close friends. Take some time and figure out who these five people are.

Next ask yourself do all of these people support you in your goals? Are all of these people an example of positive living? While not all your five people will be athletes they can still be positive examples for you in whether they live a positive and healthy life.

Scheffler working out with Steve Hess

As you continue on with your off-season training for hockey look and see who is involved in the various aspects of your training. If this person is a training partner then you need for them to hold you accountable and vice versa. Accountable in terms of being on time, training intensely, having a nutritional plan, ensuring proper rest and being responsible during days off.

By doing so you establish a relationship where you are constantly being challenged and supported in your efforts. And when you have this type of system in place great things can happen. There will be enough people out there who will doubt your dreams and create obstacles to your success. Step around them and align yourself with the best quality people who are going to the top and will help you get there as well.

Every decision you make will bring you closer or take you further from your goal. Think of the five people closest to you as multiplying this effect times five. If they are a positive influence it propels you ahead five times further and faster. And if they are a poor influence it impairs your results by five times as well.

So who’s going to be in your corner?


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